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Confidentiality Agreement Hong Kong

A confidentiality agreement can be reached if one party provides information to the other or if each party provides information to the other. Variation: Defines the modification method used in the agreement, except in writing or other methods. To protect confidential information, employers and employees often enter into confidentiality agreements (the NDA) (also known as confidentiality agreements) before an employee starts working. An NDA is a legally binding document in which one party agrees to disclose confidential information and, in return, the other party agrees to respect the confidentiality of the information it has received in the context of trade between the parties. NDAs are available in various forms. It may be an intellectual property clause in a consulting agreement with an individual or service company, or a separate document in the form of a document. Confidentiality agreements facilitate confidential conversations between parties wishing to exchange information. B: return of information: clause contained in the confidentiality agreement at the request of the disclosed party in the method of providing confidential information. Termination of contract: both parties agree on how the contract can be terminated, unless it is terminated by the agreement of both parties or a certain period after which the contract expires. Recipients: The party to this confidentiality agreement, which directly or indirectly receives or receives confidential information and is therefore required not to disclose the confidential information contained in this agreement.

the receiving party is responsible for any violation of this agreement. Purpose of disclosure of confidential information: The purpose of a confidentiality agreement is to protect the business information you share with staff from the disclosure of this information to individuals for a certain period of time outside the contract. For a confidentiality agreement to come into effect, your employee must sign it and the employer must explain how to prevent the recipient from using confidential information. In any event, during discussions, it is not uncommon to disclose aspects of intellectual property that are not necessarily part of a patent application.