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Distance Learning Agreement

Tuition fees collected for a distance course are determined by the administration taking into account the additional costs of this format. No department or higher education institution incrunants additional financial costs for offering a course on distance learning format. The guidelines or language of contracts for distance learning programmes must be developed within the general objectives of higher education and university institutions: “To obtain, expand and transfer knowledge and to promote the learning capacity of students” (Declaration on online and distance education). Whether it`s through collective agreements or through a different understanding, such as . B A policy conducted as part of the faculty governance process, faculties need appropriate advice and protection. The following sample language has been drawn from a review of existing guidelines, contracts and AAUP guidelines and can be adapted to different circumstances. While the association accepts the reality of distance learning programs, it continues to reaffirm the ability`s responsibility to play an important or useful role in determining the appropriate implementation of these programs. In 1999, the AAUP adopted the declaration on online and distance education, which reaffirms the fundamental principle: faculty members working in distance education must have academic freedom as teachers and researchers in full compliance with the provisions of the 1940 declaration on academic freedom and term of office, including “freedom in the classroom in the discussion of their subject” and “full freedom in the search and publication of results.” Compensation. Distance learning courses may be included as part of the faculty member`s regular load or may constitute an overload or a combination of the two. Teaching tasks related to tasks, schedules, programs, documents and exams should not be different from those of the corresponding traditional course sections. The grades are issued according to the usual procedures of the university. The university will ensure that safeguards have been incorporated into the format of distance learning to require students to be held to the same standards of academic honesty as students in traditional courses. Before distance learning, potential users should have appropriate technical and teaching programs.

Any teacher who teaches a distance course for the first time receives training for which he receives a one-time payment. If new technologies are added, training is offered and the faculty member is compensated every hour. If the required training is not available on campus, the university/university must organize and pay the cost of special training required by the faculty member.