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Notice Of Filing Settlement Agreement

If, within forty-five days of the filing of the written settlement communication or within 45 days of the scheduled date of the hearing, an order dismissing all claims is not made against all parties and no settlement certificate is filed without termination in accordance with LMAR 4.4(d), the appeal may be dismissed at the request of the Administrator in accordance with LMAR 4.4(c). ___________ ______ See CRL 41(b)(2). (d) Comparison without dismissal. If the parties have reached an agreement that has fully settled all claims against all parties, but wishes to postpone termination beyond the period referred to in section (c), the parties may, within thirty days of filing the notice of settlement of all claims, submit a certificate of settlement without dismissal, essentially in the following form (or as amended by the Court): (a) communication on the comparison. Following a settlement that completes all claims against all parties, the claimant must, within five days or prior to the arbitration hearing, file and notify a written notice of set-off, whichever is earlier. The notification must be submitted to both the arbitrator and the court. If the notice cannot be given to the arbitrator prior to the arbitration hearing, the claimant shall communicate the settlement by telephone to the arbitrator prior to the hearing and the written notice shall be submitted and notified within five days of the settlement. (b) the form of the communication. The main form of the transaction communication is as follows: 2.1 The lawyer signed by all the parties certifies that all claims have been settled by the parties. . . .