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Royal Mail Pda Agreement

These above points are already part of the current evolution and availability, as new products and services will be developed and will be the subject of ongoing joint discussions on the future design of employment and working methods that will be included in the discussions on a new delivery contract. • PDA Data Use / Weekly Resourcing Meetings – pragmatic approach and in line with all current national agreements, including the IR framework, where applicable. In addition, both parties agreed that the data to be produced and the visibility of the outdoor work load is an important development for all parties involved within Royal Mail and that there will of course be a number of sensitivities due to their availability. Therefore, the introduction of the scoreboard and its use should be used to build trust in the use of data and not ruin it before the upcoming discussions on the new national supply agreement. Branches and representatives will also take note of the fact that, in the agreement, we have made a joint commitment that both parties will continue to jointly verify and monitor the use of data in the future, as well as any improvements in efficiency resulting from the evaluation, as well as the joint commitment to further discounts and routes, to reach the 35-hour week until 2022. in accordance with the national agreement or before that date, in relation to technological and operational changes. We therefore believe that the use of the system and the data it produces can be an important lever to obtain further reductions in hours to reach the 35-hour week. We agreed that the process would begin as soon as possible and with a closing date of Friday, June 29. The work must be completed before this date in order to inform people 3 months in advance of changes in attendance time, in accordance with the national agreement on the impact of the LAT product.

The following are also detailed in the agreement and we clearly believe that it is essential to protect our members in the future. We also agreed in the joint statement that agreements on what has been agreed will be signed for all units and that they will be forwarded to the operations manager and area rep. The agreement also contains the necessary guarantees for our members regarding the fact that the data is not used for cases of jurisdiction or enforcement against individuals: the 2018 agreement in principle includes the reference to the reduction of one hour of the weekly working week from October 2018, which was included for delivery units in sections 15.3 and 16.1.1. . .